Division – Aqua Treatment
Application –  Farm Water
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Barry and Heather Bowers own a dairy farm near Ruawai. They struggled from many years with iron problems, affecting their pipes, discoloring their shed and causing staining everywhere. They even ended up of water exclusion from Fonterra.

A number of years ago, a system had been put in place to help with the iron levels, affectionately called the iron lady. However this brought problems of its own. It did not remove all of the iron, though it did reduce it substantially, it was not enough to get off water exclusion.

This was not the worst of it though, the Bowers were unable to go on holiday for a number of years as Mr Bowers was the only one familiar enough with the system to keep it going. It would fail regularly cutting off water to the shed, putting the business at risk.

Finally having had enough of these issues and desperate for a holiday, the Bowers approached Aqua asking if there was anything we could do to help.

After a site visit, a few water tests to determine which bore to use and discussions about water use, we put in a system, at around the same price they paid for the Iron lady 10 years ago.

This system is fully automatic, and provides water which is completely iron free.
With minimal maintenance and our support and service, the Bowers are off water exclusion and can finally go on holiday worry free.