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If you're interested in owning an AQUA Licence, you have two options:

1. Buy a Pre-existing Licence

With current clients in specific regions

2. Buy a developing Licence

In a territory of your choice

Which Division suits you?
Residential & Lifestyle Division

Our Aqua Filter division is a nationwide network of Licencees that sell an extensive and ever-expanding range of water solutions predominantly to the domestic market. Our domestic product range of water purification systems includes; water filters, water purifiers, reverse osmosis, boiling/chilled systems.

Commercial Hydration Division

Aqua Hydration was established as a division that can provide hydration in the office/commercial workplace nationwide. We provide water coolers and fountains that are of very high quality, backed up with a service solution for every client's needs.

Foodservice & Beverage Division

Water is very much at the centre of every foodservice business, it cleans the glasses and plates, it goes through many critical bits of equipment (think dishwashers, hot water cylinders, steamer ovens, coffee machines, ice machines), it is a key ingredient in making food and drinks in the operation of your business.

Farm & Industrial Division

Our Aqua Treatment division specialises in providing a process that ensures our clients' water is safe and acceptable for a given purpose, whether the water is for drinking in a small community, or is used in an industrial process for cleaning or as a key ingredient.

Plumbing Services Division

Aqua Plumber is dedicated to providing a premium level of service. We work with you to deliver the plumbing services you require, with no surprises. Whether you need plumbing maintenance in a single building or a commercial block, we service New Zealand’s plumbing needs with a variety of installation and maintenance services.

Tank & Gutter Cleaning Division

Aqua Services is our specialist division for Household & Commercial Water Tank Cleaning / Repairs, and Gutter cleaning & installations ensuring you that your drinking water is safe for your family to drink. 

Promotions & Telemarketing Division

Aqua Promotions is our promotional division. This division has a highly qualified team with a can-do, can-deliver attitude. We find the right solutions for your water filtration need in the home and we sell them to you.