Water Source: Rain Tank
Application: Home


After moving to the countryside, the McMaths were worried about the quality of their rain tank water. Although rainwater is the purest source of water, from the time the rain falls from the sky to the time it comes out of the tap, it sits in the tank for a long time. This gives organic matter in the tank time to rot, lets pollen, insects
and dust settle in the water, and gives bacteria plenty of time to grow. The roof water can also become contaminated from agricultural sprays.


The Aqua Central Water Purifier is now installed in their garage. The harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoan cysts, turbidity and organic chemicals in the tank water are physically removed before they flow through the rest of the home. Aqua rewards the family with complete peace of mind and convenience by distributing safer, healthy and great tasting water to every tap in their home. It caters for all their household needs including drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry.


The risk of waterborne illness is minimized. The Aqua system physically removes 99.999% of bacteria (E.Coli), 99.97% of viruses, protozoan cysts, and turbidity.
Hassle-free operation and maintenance-free. Automated daily self-cleaning of Aqua saves the family’s time and money spent on maintenance. Only annual servicing is required.
Minimizes the operating costs by using no electricity or chemicals, but only existing water pressure to filter naturally.
Effective consultation to draw customized installation plan and responsive on-going customer support.


“We are happy to have the most advanced water treatment on the market. Before I retired, I was General Manager Burkert Contromatic NZ Ltd, market leaders in fluid control systems so I was aware of the various technologies for water treatment and researched thoroughly all available options for our new house on a rural block. Our friends and visitors have all commented on how good our water tastes. It is like having a water bottling factory at home. Our whole family and even our dog thrive on healthy water! Aqua is far more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective over the long- term than all other treatment systems currently available in the market.”

– Brian and Kay McMath